Saturday, May 16, 2009

DJ software comparison

Recently I’ve evaluated a number of DJ / music mixing programs for a forthcoming party. I chose the following selection criteria:

  • searchable music library and multiple playlists
  • automatic BPM detection
  • tempo and pitch modification
  • SYNC feature to automatically align tempo and phase (beats) of two tracks
  • automatic DJ mode (automix, cruise, …), so the program can be left alone with a playlist
  • auto gain (automatically set playing volume for tracks with different gain levels)
  • some effects, nice to have

Please note that MIDI controller support, scratching, looping, CUE points management, etc. were not relevant in my case. Programs I tested:

  • e-mix pro edition v5.4
  • Native Instruments Traktor Duo 3
  • Atomix Virtual DJ v5.2 (=Numark CUE)
  • Ultramixer v2.3.7.1
  • BPM studio v12.0.0 (no auto BPM detection, no auto DJ mode, no auto SYNC)
  • Native Instruments Beatport Sync (no auto gain, SYNC has to pressed manually after each track)
  • Native Instruments Tracktor DJ player (abandoned product)
  • DJ mix pro 300 (some auto DJ mode almost no other functions)
  • Rockit Pro DJ 4.2 (no auto BPM, no SYNC)

Programs in bold fully satisfied all the selection criteria, but there were still some differences between them. I’ve carefully tested the programs and finally came to the following result:

The winner is: Atomix Virtual DJ v5.2


  • the best auto DJ mode of all time, seamlessly mixes tracks with even with significally different BPM. It automatically defines the optimal CUE points and the transitions sound really professional.
  • the most accurate automatic BPM counter tested
  • very fast track analysis
  • determines key (e.g. C major, D# minor) of a track and stores it in the music library. This way it’s easy to find a similar sounding track to mix within seconds! No other product had this feature.
  • downloadable plugins incl. skins, effects etc.


  • The handling of the music library and working with playlists is not very straightforward
  • A relatively poor selection of effects

Second prize: Native Instruments Traktor Duo 3


  • very professional look and feel
  • a wide selection of effects with chain support
  • Traktor supports up to 4 decks (only 2 in the Duo edition though)


  • the auto DJ function does not really manage seamless transitions, it does not SYNC automatically
  • “kill” band filters (eliminating hi, mid or low frequencies) worked better in Virtual DJ…
  • at 44kHz it produced a strange noise using the directsound driver (ac97 on-board chip), I had to install ASIO4ALL to make it sound smoothly

Still OK: e-mix pro edition v5.4


  • feature rich GUI


  • BPM detection and SYNC somewhat fuzzy

Not bad either: Ultramixer v2.3.7.1


  • multi platform (written in Java)
  • nice GUI


  • BPM detection not relyable
  • no auto SYNC!
  • Having to maintain two different playlists to feed both decks is a bit of a mess

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