Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Backup utility comparison

I always expect the unexpected when it’s about unsecured personal data (photos, paintings, music projects, etc…) on my PC. I’ve been looking for a really good backup software for some time, with the following features:

  • stored backup profile
  • simple copy as backup method
  • incremental backup
  • delete orphan files in backup store
  • multipe source directories
  • multiple destinations for the same source (to be sure I use two independent external hard drives for backup)
  • freeware

I didn’t care about network or CD/DVD backup features, neither was I interested in compression and encryption modes. Until I found the real thing, I evaluated quite a lot of programs, just to mention a few of them:

  • Cobian Backup 9 (the winner!)
  • Tray Backup (very feature rich, but the GUI is a time journey to 1990)
  • Comodo Backup 1.0.4 (no multiple target support)
  • Backup Mill Vista (it simply didn’t work)
  • Backup Mill Open Source (way too simple…)
  • Ace Backup 3 (the multipe target mode did not really work)
  • SyncBack (no multiple target support)
  • Areca (sorry, I don’t remember…)

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